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Christ The King Primary School, Omagh, County Tyrone

Golden Time

Golden Time is a weekly timetabled slot each week where children are able to embark on an activity of their choice. If a child keeps the Golden Rules all week, they automatically have the right to take part in their chosen activity.

The sanction system begins with a visual Yellow card warning which is placed beside children if they break a Golden Rule. If they choose to break another rule whilst the warning is out they lose a part of their Golden Time.

Circle Time

Circle Time is a class meeting which involves the whole class sitting in a circle once a week to look at issues relating to personal, social, moral and health education. The circle meetings aim to encourage the development of positive relationships, self-discipline, conflict resolution, assertive communication and democratic group processes alongside the skills of speaking, listening, observing, thinking and concentrating.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about our approach to The Golden Rules, Golden Time or Circle Time please do not hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher.

Golden Rules

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Christ the King PS uses the Jenny Mosley model of Golden Rules, Golden Time and Circle Time as a whole-school approach to enhancing self-esteem and positive behaviour and relationships within the school. All of the children and adults are involved and we hope that you will become involved too by encouraging your child and possibly adopting the same approach at home.

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The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules are the key to the whole approach. They outline the explicit behaviours that show respect and caring towards one another. Golden Rules also incorporate physical safety measures. The rules may not all focus on exactly the same issues, but nevertheless fall broadly under the philosophical ‘umbrella’ of: respect for myself; respect for others and respect for property.

The Golden Rules are displayed in classrooms, corridors and throughout the school.

The Six Golden Rules are:

We are Gentle

We are Kind and Helpful

We Work Hard

We look after Property

We Listen

We are Honest