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Christ The King

Year 5

Teachers - Miss Nugent & Mrs Grainger
Teachers - Miss Nugent & Mrs Grainger

Welcome to Year 5!


School Day

·          9.00-        School Starts

·          10.45-      Break

·          12.45-      Lunch

·          3.00-        Home time




·  Monday-           Guitar 

·  Tuesday-          Roots of Empathy (Miss Nugent's Year 5 Class)

·  Wednesday-     Library (Mrs Grainger's Year 5 Class)

                           Tin Whistle and PE (Remember your gear!)

·  Thursday-         Choir, ICT and Library (Miss Nugent's Year 5 Class)

·  Friday-             Roots of Empathy, Violin and GOLDEN TIME





In Year 5 we have homework Monday- Thursday. 

·  Literacy- Grammar, Spelling and Comprehension activities

·  Numeracy- Number Work, Problem Solving based on topic

·  Spellings

·  Tables

·  Reading

. Mathletics assigned homework activities 



This year we are going to be VERY BUSY! We have lots to learn in our first year in KS2, so we are going to cram lots in…



We are following the Read, Write, Inc programme, which is divided into six Units. They are super and the stories are fantastic. We can’t wait to find out which narrative and non-narrative texts are in store this year! These texts will help us prepare for our NILA assessments and our CCEA assessment tasks.



We will be learning lots about Processes in Maths, Number, Data Handling, Measures and Shape and Space. We will use all of this information to get great results in our Numeracy assessments and our NINA assessments.



In Year 5 we follow the Grow in Love Programme which has lots of lovely stories and we supplement these with information about feast days too. We will be working closely with Fr. Daniel and Fr. Kevin throughout the year.


World Around Us:

This year we will be studying;

  • Mighty Me
  • The Egyptians
  • Forces, Energy and Materials
  • Food
  • Electricity


These exciting topics will mean there will be lots to keep us busy and lots of cross curricular links to enjoy. Topic work is so much fun- look out for updates of our work on the website.


Personal Development and Mutual Understanding:

In Year 5 we follow the Living, Learning, Together resources provided by CCEA as well as the PATHS programme which allows us to deliver the PDMU curriculum in a fun and exciting way. 

This year Miss Nugent's Year 5 Class will be participating in Roots of Empathy, where they will get to learn all about our feelings by watching baby Roise Mae- we are so lucky because it is such a special programme.


We are also following the PATHS programme to further develop these skills. Look out for all the compliments!! We're even receiving training to become 'PATHS PALS'! 



IPad/Computer time every Monday (Mrs Grainger's Year 5 Class) and Thursday (Miss Nugent's Year 5 Class)! We will be working very hard this year to complete all of our I.C.T tasks so we can participate in the CCEA I.C.T accreditation programme. We are looking forward to seeing what they think of our work.



We will have P.E. every Wednesday with Macartan. Look out for photographs on our website. Please bring the appropriate P.E. kit on these days.


The Arts:

All of the Arts will be delivered through our World Around Us topic. We are also looking forward to Choir lessons with Mrs Toner and Miss Nugent as well as Tin Whistle lessons every Wednesday with Mrs Sweeney. 


This is going to be a brilliant year and we are all looking forward to working and learning together. We have lots to do and have a beautiful classroom- we are so proud of all the work that goes on- keep an eye on this page to see what we are getting up to.


Miss Nugent and Mrs Grainger’s doors are always open and a very warm welcome from Year 5 awaits all who visit… come and see us anytime!



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What we are looking for in Year 5:

What we are looking for in Year 5:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Effort
  • Enjoyment
  • Team work and also individual work
  • Good manners
  • Helpful pupills



Class Rewards:

Class Rewards:

  • Table Points
  • Star of the Week
  • Golden Gallery
  • Mathematician of the Week
  • Reward Tickets for Termly Raffles
  • Up to 30 minutes Golden Time per week!!


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